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LGI prides itself in efficiently implementing various operational strategies for Transportation System Management and Operations.
• Information Technology
• Engineering Services
• Transportation Management Centers
• Arterial Management
• Network Support
• Programming and Software Development

Transportation Systems Management Operations


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Information Technology support is critical to keep the ITS systems, network and communications devices, servers, operator workstations, video wall and other critical devices functional to meet the demanding needs of a 24/7/365 facility. Lucent is highly experienced with both day-to-day and on-call emergency support services.
• SunGuide® software/traffic management software deployments
• IT/ITS management and support
• RTMC in-house IT staffing
• Workstation configuration and maintenance
• Implementation and support for advanced server systems clustering
• Virtualization design; Virtualized Server Support
• Cybersecurity
• C# code
• Oracle and SQL database design
• Network monitoring and analysis
• Administrative network assistance
• Master Plan development
• Configuration Management (CM)
• Reoccurring Costs (lifecycle costs, licensing)
• Procurement support
• Inventory support
• Microsoft Certified Software Expert- Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
• Microsoft Certified Software Expert- Server Infrastructure
• Amazon Services Solutions Architect- Associate
• COMPTIA A+, Security +, Network + certifications


LGI provides several Engineering/Professional Services that include, but are not limited to:
• Sign and Seal Professional Engineering document (#69448)
• Professional Traffic Operations Engineer certification (#1509)
• International Municipal Signal Association(IMSA) Traffic Signals Certification Level 2
• Project Management
• Master Plan Development
• Concept of Operations (ConOps)
• Requirements Analysis
• Technical Specifications
• Procurement Support
• FDOT Design Standards and Specification Review
• Requirements Traceability Verification Matrix(RTVM)
• Systems Engineering Management Plan(SEMP)


Transportation Management Centers (TMCs) are the command and control center for arterial/highway operations. LGI provides the staffing to deliver the highest quality 24/7/365 operational support services. LGI not only provides qualified staff, but the structure needed for consistent and efficient operations. This structure comes in the form of standard operating procedures (SOP’s), continuous training programs, and most of all leadership. LGI has also developed software tools to improve the efficiency and quality of TMC operations.
• RTMC systems Planning, Design, Integration
• TMC Operations Staffing
• Incident Management (IM)
• Information Technology (IT)
• ITS Integration
• Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O)
• Agency Coordination
• Active Arterial Management
• Public Information and Outreach (PIO)
• Building Maintenance
• Procurement
• Facilities Maintenance
• Program Management
• Training Program Development
• Performance Measures
• Custom Reporting
• 24/7/365 On-Call Response


Within TMCs, LGI manages and provides arterial operations personnel staffing. LGI also develops arterial operational procedures, and performance measure policies and programs.
• AMS Operations Staffing
• AMS Operational Procedures Development
• AMS Performance Measures
• Traffic Signal Central Software Familiarity
o Centracs (Econolite)
o (Trafficware now Cubic)
• Traffic signal controller database migration


Lucent has been involved in the deployment of over 485 miles of freeway management system deployments and integration support for state, county, and city agencies. LGI is uniquely qualified to support our clients in incorporating emerging technologies into traffic operations environments.
• ITS Deployment Project Management
• ITS Integration – field and local support
• ITS device configuration (CCTV, Switch, Router, MVDS, etc.)
• Wrong-Way Driving Technologies
• Center to Center (C2C) communication and connectivity
• Troubleshooting and Inspecting ITS systems performance and connectivity issues
• Network systems and Information Technology support
• Maintenance of field and local network devices
• Systems Operations Software
• Plans review for upgrading network operations software and servers
• Mission-critical network communications including 10 Gigabit (Gb) and 40Gb high-availability redundant Ethernet topologies
• Advanced audio-visual systems, such as Activu®, Barco Systems, Mitsubishi and Jupiter systems integration and support.


• Network Connectivity - Center to Center (C2C) communication and connectivity
• Network Configuration – Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), Open Shortest Path First Protocol (OSPF), Single-Spanning Tree Protocol (S-STP), Bootstrap Router (BSR), PIM Sparse Mode (SM), BGP IPv4, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Network Latency issues, Broadcast Domains, and UDP and TCP Multicast
• Network Management – Design and configuration of All Layers in the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model).
• Network Security –LGI has in-depth knowledge of various Firewall appliances as used in many ITS/Operations and Admin network environments. Moreover, LGI is knowledgeable in industry standard policy and procedures for all aspects of device security. LGI collaborates with local universities such as the USF Cybersecurity Department to provide clients with the latest in Transportation Cybersecurity.
• Network Troubleshooting and Inspection – troubleshoot and correct network issues from the Traffic Management Center (TMC) head end and field device locations. Previous experience with troubleshooting head end equipment such as Brocade or Cisco switches, video decoders, multiplexers, etc. as well as common ITS devices such as Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, Microwave Vehicle Detectors (MVDS), Roadside Weather Information Systems (RWIS), BlueTOAD-BlueARGUS software and Bluetooth travel time field devices. LGI has vast experience with Jupiter controllers and decoders for Video Wall (VW). Experience with Virtual environments and storage area networks.
• New/Emerging Technology – LGI recommends and supports leading edge technologies, new devices, and advanced software of all kinds to support and improve efficiency in client operations.


Lucent Group is involved in the design and development of specialty applications to improve efficiency in ITS and RTMC operations environments.
• Operator Performance based Dashboards
• Operations Task Manager
• Road Ranger Incident Management System Application design and deployment
• HelpDesk – integrations with partner help desk systems
• Device Manager
• Custom Reporting