Services - TMC

Transportation Management Centers (TMCs) are the command and control center for arterial/highway operations. LGI provides the staffing to deliver the highest quality 24/7/365 operational support services. LGI not only provides qualified staff, but the structure needed for consistent and efficient operations. This structure comes in the form of standard operating procedures (SOPs), continuous training programs, and most of all leadership. LGI has also developed software tools to improve the efficiency and quality of TMC operations.
– RTMC systems Planning, Design, Integration
– TMC Operations Staffing
– Incident Management (IM)
– Information Technology (IT)
– ITS Integration
– Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O)
– Agency Coordination
– Active Arterial Management
– Public Information and Outreach (PIO)
– Building Maintenance
– Procurement
– Facilities Maintenance
– Program Management
– Training Program Development
– Performance Measures
– Custom Reporting
– 24/7/365 On-Call Response